We Should Comply To Avoid Serious Offenses

The registration for hubby’s truck is due for renewal this month.  It is very important to renew our vehicles’ registration to avoid serious offenses like paying big fines from tickets or worse, going to jail.  We are here in Texas.  And every State has it’s own law with regards to that.

So always pay attention to your vehicle’s registration expiration date.  Renew it immediately.  Plus the maintenance schedule should be monitored too.  Here in the USA, vehicles must be inspected annually.  Proof of renewed registration and inspection are issued by the authorized agency and inspection service.  And should be visible by sticking the stickers on the windshield of the vehicle.

As vehicle owners, we should comply to these requirements to avoid hassle and trouble while traveling.  Most importantly, it is the law.

9 thoughts on “We Should Comply To Avoid Serious Offenses

  1. Yes, you are right. This kind of thing needs a real attention. We all have to follow the rules to avoid getting ourselves in trouble!

  2. I forgot to renew mine once in 96 and got pulled over. I felt horrible for the officer, my 3yo had heart surgery the month mine expired and well I forgot, the poor officer got a person who broke down in the explanation as to why she missed renewing hers. He let the fine go and was probably traumatized by me.

  3. This is a good reminder. When I first bought my minivan, the dealer gave me a maintenance schedule that I often refer to since I am always afraid the oil change service provider is trying to talk me into services I don’t need yet.

  4. following the law makes everything simple and we don’t have problems with any issues because we are up to date..

  5. I am glad that we always get some kind of note before our tags expire, so I have enough time to plan on when to go to the DMV. I am the one who renews our tags every year.

  6. I almost always wait till the last second to et my car inspected–but I always make it!! Registration is a bit easier as they let you do it online!

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