No Travel Plans on Valentine’s Day

Last year, I hosted a Valentine’s Day dinner at my house with my cousin and her family as our guests.  It was pretty nice because my cousin liked the idea of us getting together.  This year, we won’t be doing that.  My cousin and her husband already has plans on Thursday.

I was surfing the Internet for restaurants in nearby cities.  My plan is to reserve a table on the 14th for our dinner date.  I always read reviews of a certain establishment.  Unfortunately, I am not attracted to the reviews I have read so far.  Expensive food, slow service…etc., is not really considerable.  I do not want to travel really far just to have dinner somewhere.  We will only get stressed with traffic.

And so, I will just let my husband decide on Thursday.  If he will ask me, I will tell him that a dinner date at El Rodeo in Lavon is fine with me.  It is a Mexican restaurant that serves the yummiest beef fajitas I have tried so far.  They have daily specials and free margaritas.  I like that!

If you are traveling around Josephine, Nevada, and Lavon and want something some authentic Mexican food, stop by at El Rodeo Mexican restaurant.