Vacation Part 3: Arrival In Manila

So our stop over in Korea was only three hours.  The whole flight from Texas to Korea was fine.  We did not have any problem with our little girl.  But we did not have enough sleep to fight the tiredness.  At the airport, we looked for an Internet lounge where passengers can log in to their email accounts.  I sent a message to my husband’s family saying we’re doing fine and landed in Incheon, Korea safely.  Because I did not bring my computer with me, the next message was sent the next day after our arrival in Manila.

It was snowing in Korea when we arrived. Very cold…
Kids Play Area – airport Incheon, Korea

The kids play area at the airport is neat.  But the problem was our darling daughter did not want to leave the play are because she was enjoying the slide and running around.  The moment we took her out of there she started being irritable.  She did not have a good sleep.  It was an embarrassing evening when we landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.  Our little girl was cranky, crying while we’re in line for our arrival stamps  at the Immigration counter and in the baggage claim.  Tired and lack of sleep in addition to everything is new to her may be the cause.

Looking at the map is a torture when only 30 minutes travel time left to land in Manila.
Did not get to sleep at all!
Close to landing. The night lights seem like stars on the ground.
Arrived at Cherry Blossoms Hotel in Manila. We were so ready to retire.

After the check in process in the hotel and a quick shower and a little snack, we all went to bed right away.