It’s A Wonderful Feeling To Be Home For The Holidays

Oh what a wonderful feeling to be in Leyte after a very busy 10-day stay in Manila.  Our flight to Leyte this afternoon was very nice and smooth.  The plan of getting rid of two Balikbayan boxes didn’t go through.  Because there was still a bunch of Holiday gifts left, we had to take one box with us in addition to our luggage and carry-on.  Luckily, we did not pay for excess baggage.  We flew Cebu Pacific Air to Tacloban because it has the most convenient departure times from Manila to Tacloban.

Since our town is located between the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc, and my parents do not have a car to take us to the hotel in Ormoc, we hired a van ahead of time so we won’t be worrying about transportation in case we stay a little late at my parents’ apartment.  We landed in Tacloban at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  The baggage claim did not take very long so we were able to hop in the service van immediately.

I found car rental companies convenient but my parents’ friend and former neighbor has a public utility van and recommended him to us.  The rate was like $75.  I know it’s kinda high but I guess the price was worth it because the guy agreed to our terms.  As you know, it is difficult to catch a ride to the big city from far-away towns like ours when it is dark..  It is a 30-minute ride to Ormoc from our town and public utility vehicles such as buses, taxis, and jeepneys are hard to find after 7 P.M..  We were very thankful the he was able to confirm and commit to us.

After a couple of hours stop-over at my family’s, we are now relaxing at Don Felipe Hotel in Ormoc City.  And looking forward to an enjoyable Holidays with everyone.