Will Be Visiting The Sponsored Children

Second to the most important purpose of our travel this Holiday season is to visit my husband’s sponsored children in the Philippines.  My husband was sponsoring two girls back home since they were seven years old.  I learned about them when he came to the Philippines to visit me for the first time in 2007 after a year of online dating.  I was able to accompany him that year when he visited his sponsored child who lives in Manila area.  She was eleven years old then.

This year, the plan of visiting with the two sponsored children is coming to fulfillment.  Since we will be in a month-long vacation, the first ten days will be spent in visiting relatives in Manila and the first sponsored child.  We will also go to Bicol to visit the second one who lives in a remote island.  But we will not be going to her island because it’s a 4-hour boat ride.  I don’t think we will be able to accommodate that because we are  traveling with our toddler.  The organization and my husband agreed that we will meet up at their office in Bicol to see the sponsored child and spend the day with her-take her to lunch, shopping, and sightseeing as well.  Of course, a staff and a guardian will be with us the whole time.  Same activity also with the sponsored child in Manila.

Hopefully God will bless us a pleasant weather during our travels and visits.  It’s gonna be a great adventure for our little girl.  And we are excited to see everyone.

16 thoughts on “Will Be Visiting The Sponsored Children

  1. hope not only God will bless you a nice weather but a blessed life. kudos to you and your husband for giving hope to these children.

  2. That was so nice to know! I wish I could do the same thing so I will have an excuse to travel to PI someday. But, it’s very nice of you and your husband to help children in need.

    1. Yup, it’s time na rin visit to them kasi they will off the program next year.

  3. that’s really cool and amazing gesture. Not a lot of people these days sponsor kids to school. I’m sure those two kids are thankful of your husband

  4. Your husband is a generous man. I have so many children that I like to sponsor, and they are my cousin’s kids, but so many of them, I can’t afford everyone 🙂 Goodluck on your vacation.

    1. thanks sis…since the kids will be off the program next year (because they’ll be 18), my husband will sponsor two of my immediate relative (kids) next year too.

  5. oh wow! that’s good to know that your husband is so kindhearted. God bless him and your family as well! i am sure the children will be so excited to see their sponsor!

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