Holiday Vacation: Travel Preparation 1

Our travel preparation is nearing to its accomplishment.

1. International tickets are bought.

We are taking Korean Air from Texas to Manila.  There is only one stop-over in Seoul.  Waiting time at the airport is like six hours at the most.  We are traveling with a toddler so we bought three seats at full price, which is ideal because there is no way my daughter would like to sleep in bassinet on the plane.  She’s big for that plus she would like to be with us all the time.  So buying her own seat on the plane is helpful in such a way that my husband and I will not hold her when it is time to sleep.  Glad we bought our tickets earlier than planned because the rates increased the month after.

2. Hotel accommodations are booked and confirmed.

Okay, so I already picked hotels for our vacation.  There is one very close to the Robinsons Place Mall in Manila that I chose for us to stay.  Besides the accessibility of the shopping complex, I picked this hotel because of the affordability of the room rates.  For our Bicol  trip, we will stay at the The Oriental Legazpi.  I am excited to visit this hotel.

And for our domestic flights, my younger sister did a good job.  She had our flights booked according to the details I sent her, and she had them confirmed and ticketed.  All are bought from Cebu Pacific Air.  Besides cheaper rates, departures are on time.  No delays.  And we can always avail promo fares from them.

Six weeks to go and we are on our Holiday vacation to the Philippines.