What Impresses Me When I Travel?

First impression lasts.  Do you agree?  I do.  These words apply especially when I travel and stay in a hotel to spend a night or more.  The very first place I check in a hotel room is the bathroom.  I am very impressed at hotels with clean and organized bathroom and vanities.  Squeaky clean tiles, tidy sink, and sparkly  toilet makes me think that the hotel management is doing a great job.  I like well-arranged toiletries, pleasant-smelling bedding and towels.  Top quality bathroom products and furnishings can add to the hotel room ‘feel-at-home’ ambiance.

The affordability of the room rates, the cleanliness of the place and, most importantly good customer service matters a lot.  No one would ever come back to stay in a hotel with bad customer service.  Would you?   Hotels like that will get lots of complains.  But I always believe in second chance.

As part of the tourism program, it is very important for hotels to keep up with the high standard service that includes good housekeeping.  Marketing and promotions for hotel accommodation has to feature all the impressive amenities and services the hotel has to offer.