Vacation Is Fast Approaching

I am very observant and curious.  I want to know how something works and what’s going on around me.  Everyday news about current events and Science Daily news are interesting to me.  Whenever we are on a travel, I always want to keep informed about the weather especially to our destination.  I always hated cancelled or delayed flights.  But if the reason is bad weather condition, I totally understand that.

As our vacation is fast approaching, I am feeling anxious day by day.  Because our travel is in December, hopefully Mother Nature will let us have a pleasant weather throughout our vacation.  When my husband’s parents came over for a visit this weekend, I told my mother-in-law that I cannot host the Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  It is because I have a huge load on my shoulder in  this upcoming trip.  She told me it’s fine.  She’s glad that I let her know early.  But the task she gave me is to find a good flower shop for Fall flower decor.  I can do that.  There’s already ProFlowers coupon codes available online.  It would be very useful.  As for the Christmas Party this year, we won’t be attending.  My husband will have to buy holiday gifts ahead of time.  He’ll have to check for gadgets at and see what he can find as Christmas gifts for the grownups.