New Route

Crossing Lake Tawakoni

Going out of town is always exciting.  And taking a new route other than the usual is an experience.  That means I get to see new places and scenery.

This weekend we are visiting my husband’s parents in Tyler.  And we are spending the Labor Day holiday with my in-laws.  Driving this afternoon, my husband suggested a new route.  He looked at the Texas map and pointed roads to take to bypass Greenville.  This time, we took US 34 from 66.  The usual route was Hwy 6, 66, 380, to 69.  With the new route, we took  Hwy 6, 66, 34, 276, to 69.  On Hwy 34 and 276, we bypassed Greenville lights.  It lead us to Quinlan and Emory.  Quinlan is where the Lake Tawakoni is located.  It’s a huge lake.  Nice to see the calm waters in the afternoon.  At the above picture, we were crossing the lake on the bridge with about 1-2 miles long.  The total trip saved us about 20 minutes of travel time.

Happy attentive driver 🙂

In today’s drive I find the crossing of Lake Tawakoni my favorite.  I thank my husband for keeping the out-of-town travels a routine.  I like it.  Being able to drive and seeing new places truly freshens the mind.  We are excited for the barbeque tomorrow.