Meet The Fairy HobMother

As we go traveling in our daily lives, we get to experience ups and down along the way.  We see nice places and the not-so-nice areas too.  But what’s good is that when we met new friends as we pass by.

We also experience adventures not only in the real world but also in the cyber world.  And in the blogosphere, we meet new friends from around the globe.  I am pleased to say that I met the Fairy Hobmother and visited me.  Yes.  And because he is a fairy, he loves bringing cheer to everyone especially in the blogosphere.  Who knows, will come visit you and sprinkle lucky dusts to your blogs too.  So better prepare your wish.  He is currently looking at Top 5 Washing Machines.

If you want to know more about our Fairy Hobmother, follow him on twitter @Fairyhobmother.  In addition, please leave me a comment here to get his attention.  Are you anxious?

30 thoughts on “Meet The Fairy HobMother

  1. Oh! you are so lucky… pixie dust is on you hehehhe. Wish Fairy Hobmother will visit me too. I’d be the happiest wisher on Earth when she hops on me.

  2. I hope fairyhobmother will visit me. My daughter’s birthday would be perfect for her golden heart. I wish I can be one of the lucky bloggers like you Mhar.

    1. Hello Cai, thanks for stopping by..I tried getting back to your posts but cannot submit comments. Blogger is taking time to load the capcha. Will try again…

    1. Hi David, thanks for stopping by. For some reason, I cannot comment on your posts. Hmm..Blogger is taking too long to load the capcha.

  3. wowwww you got a visit by this kind-hearted fairy hobmother! good for you mar! may he sprinkle some fair dust too to people who have been stalking him… good luck everyone.

  4. wow! this is sooo coool! I wish mr. fairy hobmother would visit my bloggie too <3 I'm sure he'd love it there 😀

  5. Ive been wishing that Fairy Hobmother will sprinkle his lucky dusts on my blogs too 🙂 I keep on hoping and keep believing that one day, I will also meet the Fairy Hobmother 🙂

    1. Hi Rovie, our fairy is wandering around too. He might be heading your way.

    1. Hi sis Ann, our fairy is flying around somewhere. No distance too far for him especially in the blogosphere.
      Yes, 20 months na akong baby sis. She has most of my attention.


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