Take Your Kids To A Playground With Mini Water Park In Your Area

Oh it’s summer.  And in Texas, we always experience triple digit temperature.  Sooo hot!!!  When bored, my family goes to an indoor mall to let the little one play in the play area, cool off a bit, and do a little shopping.  We do not spend the whole day there but two or  three hours is enough.  We are all very tired by then.

Another nice thing to do is to take your kids to a playground where there is a mini water park.  My husband’s parents invited us to come over for a visit and told us that there’s a playground close to their house where there is a small area allocated for water fun.

The love of my life enjoying the coolness of the water

As you can see, there is a pole with three small yellow buckets hanging on it.  There are tubes that are kinda work as faucet pouring water into the buckets.  And when the buckets are full, they pour the water down.  The other pole on the other end have pipes that release water in a low to medium pressure.  The circular pipe has tiny holes where water squirts as showers.  Then there are small holes beside each other that squirt water upward.  My daughter enjoyed playing there that afternoon.  Other kids were having fun too.  Great that we always take and apply sunscreen on our skin whenever we go for an outdoor activity like this.  Sunscreen with good pH level protects our skin from harmful rays from the sun especially during summer.

It is really nice that the city of Tyler have provided recreational playground like this.  A good idea to cool off in the hot season.  Is there one like this in your area?