Day 5, July 8: Last Day Of The 5-Day Weekend

Okay, so time flies by fast when you are having fun.  That’s true.  The 5-day weekend is over.  It’s 4:00 P.M.  Now we are home, relaxing from a busy travel.  My husband asked me if I enjoyed our trip.  Of course I did.  That was first time seeing a big State Park and Resort by the lake.  I love nature so going to parks and wildlife or resorts is interesting to me.

The hardest part for me when getting home from a long road travel is unpacking and tidying up.  Whew!  I sure don’t like it.  That is why, sometimes, our travel bag is still filled with clothes (not dirty ones) until the next scheduled trip.

Anyway, it is almost supper time.  A to-go order of Fajita combo from a Mexican restaurant nearby sounds good.

Day One – 4th of July

Day Two Part 1 – Broken Bow, Oklahoma

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Day Three – Back In Texas

Day Four – Ready To Go Home

Day Five – Last Day Of the 5-Day Weekend

Makes A Good Souvenir

Road travel going out of town is always fun especially if we are entertained by good and beautiful music in our vehicles.  With good sound system installed, what more can you ask for?  With high technology improving so much today, we can play and listen to our favorite modern and Oldies Music with the use of the iPod or even an iPad.

Many of us love music.  To me, songs from the past are the best and the most relaxing to listen to.  I would love to collect or compile oldies music in a CD when I get the chance.  It will surely make a good souvenir too.

I like listening to music while driving because it breaks the road noise and hypnotism.  Of course, I do listen in moderate volume so it won’t be distracting.

Day Four, July 7: Ready To Go Home

We only spent overnight in Tyler.  After an exhausting day yesterday, we are ready to go home and relax.  We had a great July 4th weekend travel though. We went to see Broken Bow Lake and strolled around Beavers Bend State Park and Resort.  Even if time was short, my daughter enjoyed splashing into the water at the resort.

Camping is one of the main outdoor activity that is fun to do in State Parks like Beavers Bend in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  There is a big camping area at the resort.  There is a location for RVs, camping trailers, and tents.  Nature trekking, hiking, and bird watching are also exciting.  My husband said that visitors can rent a cabin located inside the park  resort.  We are looking forward to going back to Broken Bow again and rent a cabin and spend a couple of days there with other family so we will have more time to explore the beautiful place.

My father-in-law was teasing me and my husband because an entertainment complex is right across the hotel where we stayed and we did not go visit.  Temptation was there.  I guess you know what I mean.  🙂 As we were preparing to leave, my husband’s nephew came to see baby and spent a couple of hours playing.  Then we head home.  And that’s Day 4.