We Need To Plan The Whole Vacation Itinerary Very Well

I am still in awe that we already got our tickets.  We’ll fly in December.  Our vacation to the Philippines will be about four weeks.  Though it’s not summer season when we go, it’s gonna be a holiday season.  Christmas and New Year celebration in the Philippines to me is the best.  You can feel the Christmas cheer as early as the month of September.  Families begin planning for their holiday vacation early to avoid the rush.

What my husband and I have to do now is to plan the whole vacation itinerary.  We only have four weeks to spend and we want to spend most of the time with my family in the province.  Surely the first week of our vacation will be very hectic.  We also want to ship the gifts early this year because we do not want to pay excess baggage charges.  We learned our lesson from the previous vacation when we paid $120 in a domestic flight because our baggage exceeded.  The charges are higher than the ticket price itself.  That was ridiculous!

I already gathered gift items for my parents, siblings, niece, and nephews.  My mother loves decorating our house especially the bed and bath.  When I was there, I always helped press the bedsheets and linens.  I know she needs new linens and sheets so shopping for new peacock alley bedding is a good idea.  A high quality bedding set will last very long.  She’d love this.