Haven’t Been Into Traveling

It is my beloved father’s birthday today.  He is 60 years old.  I was thinking because he reached the big milestone in his life, I would like them (my dad and mom) to come with us to Cebu for a shopping spree.  Cebu has bigger business areas and shopping complex than Leyte.  In addition, my parents haven’t been to traveling together.

I want to treat my parents to a nice lunch or dinner in a 5-star hotel like the Marco Polo Hotel.  When my husband and I were on vacation two years ago, we stayed at the Marco Polo and I can say that the hotel is very very nice.  I like the food and the customer service is satisfactory.  The location is good because the hotel is closer to the ferry terminal.

My husband and I will be very busy during our vacation this year.  But I will do my best to make this plan possible for my parents especially for my Tatay.

Learn More In The Museum

This summer, my husband and I are planning to take my little girl to the museum.  Though history sounds boring to us, we like knowing about history and heritage. In museums, we can learn interesting facts about a certain place, a particular influential person, and the story behind something.  It is a very interesting place for people to be able to reconnect with the past.

My husband always watch documentaries about war and space explorations.  So there are museums that store historical things like portraits, photos, equipment, notes, gun in a secured gun cabinet…etcetera that will take us to the previous time.  It’s amazing because storing and preserving these highly important things in order for the future generations to experience, is priceless.

To make the most of the summer, take your family to the museum.  There are many things to learn in attractions like this and bonding time is great for the family.