Sounds Like A Good Plan

It’s my dental appointment again today because I was due for the routine cleaning.  Just a few weeks ago, I felt sensitivity on a tooth that had a filling six months ago.  When I brush my teeth, it was kinda painful.  When the hygienist checked on it, she said that the filling’s gone.  That’s why.  So I have to come back in two weeks to get a filling on my tooth free of charge.  That’s good.

I was thinking today that since I do not have a problem with my vision (except for glare), I will consider getting my dental treatment done before we leave for a vacation in December.  This way, I will not worry about having teeth sensitivity again in the future.  And I will be able to eat the food I love back home without worrying about dental problems.  Sounds like a good plan.

Dental health is very important especially when traveling.  We do not want to have bad breath and, we need to eliminate and treat dental problems before they get worse for future wellness.  I am very thankful that our dental insurance has good coverage on all our needs.  If you do not have a dental insurance yet, you should apply for one now to save money.