Party In Savannah

I went to Savannah this afternoon to attend a baby shower hosted by a friend.  I took Hwy 380 all the way.  On the road, everybody seemed to be in a hurry.  The speed limit is 60mph and I was running plus five on that.  But cars and trucks passing me.  Well, maybe they were going 70 or so.  Anyway, I was very watchful and paying attention because somebody was tailgating me.  Whoever is in that vehicle thought I would panic and ran as fast as he/she does, but no.  I just let him pass.  I was not in a hurry and I am not a racer.

My friend always host a party very well.  She cooked most of the food on the table.  When I got there, she was still cooking.  Because I am naturally helpful, I offered some help.  My friend requested me to get more pans from the enclume pot rack by the kitchen wall.  She will stir-fry a big pan of noodles.  I wonder how she manages to replace her pots and pans on the enclume potracks because they’re a bit high.  My other friend in Plano has enclume pot racks in her kitchen and those are elevated too.  Geez, I won’t be able to handle that, I guess.  But surely those are very nice for organizing the kitchen’s pot and pans.

Because there were lots of  eating going on, the party did not start until a few guests including me were about to go home.  My friend gave me some noodles and mung beans to go :).  I love parties!