Healthy Plants And A Beautiful Garden

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We’re here in Tyler right now.  My daughter is enjoying the attention from the grandparents and cousins.  They played in the water in the yard this afternoon.  I brought her swimwear because we knew the kids are going to get wet playing with bubbles and water.


My in-laws take care of their yard especially their garden.  I admire how my father-in-law maintains everything in and around their house.  My husband got that skill from his dad.  He likes gardening too.  In fact, he already began the plots, added some organic soil and planted a few variety of vegetables.  His dad always advised to give organic plant food to the plants so they grow healthy and bear good fruits.  Great ideas on gardening came up and plant food products should be chosen correctly so our garden will look as beautiful as my in-laws’.  He sais something about Whitney Farms® and asked if we heard about it.  Well, their plant food products are made with no artificial additives.

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It gives plants more benefits to grow healthier and more beautiful.  As you know whenever we go visit other places, my husband and I love looking at gardens-vegetable and flower gardens.  It’s to get some ideas on what to plant in our yard.  Different types of plants requires different kinds of planting techniques.  So it is very important to learn things about the kind of plants you want to put in your garden.

My daughter enjoys helping in the garden too.  She has a small watering can and we put water in it.  She helped grandpa sprinkle the plants this afternoon.  How about you?  Have you started gardening already?  Try Whitney Farms® to get the garden you’ve been dreaming of.  There is a coupon of $3.00 Off of a plant food purchase.

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