Missed Weekend Trips And Mother’s Day Dinner At Home

We missed my husband’s nephew’s birthday party.  And we did not go my in-law’s place for Mother’s Day.  My husband  was not in the mood to travel first weekend of May.  My mother-in-law was working part time on that Mother’s Day weekend.  So we just had a nice dinner here at home with some company of close friends.  My cousin and her family weren’t here because they already had plans that evening.

My husband made some pork ribs and chicken barbeque, cucumber and tomato salad.  We also had corn on a cob, baked garlic bread, and mixed fruits.  Our friend brought pasta salad, grilled milkfish, and rice cake.

Yours truly with my Mother's Day treats
My Mother's Day greeting card from hubby

As usual, whenever we get together at the table, there no chance to take photos because we’re all focused on eating the delicious meal on the table.

My friend and neighbor left a bit early after dinner because she and a few of our girl friends had to go Sambuca 360, a disco bar in Plano. Well, they said it’s a nice place party goers and disco lovers.  If only I had a babysitter that night, I guess my husband would allow me to go.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day dinner at home.  Always nice to be with good friends.