Small Town

There are small towns in America, and then there’s Buford, Wyoming.  It has a population of one — Don Sammons.  In 1980, he bought the town and all six buildings within.  At the same time, the population of Buford was seven, but those residents eventually left, leaving Don and his wife, who later died.  Now it’s just him and he runs the town’s general store and uses the old school house as a garage.  The town dates back to 1866 when it was a military outpost protecting workers building the railroad, and, in its prime, it had 2,000 residents.  Sammons says that today he’s the king of the castle.

Source:  Coffee News Wylie Edition, 5/07/12

Well that’s kinda interesting to know.  I wonder how much did he pay to own the  town in the ’80s.