Shopping Alone In Allen

Well, I went shopping today.  My husband let me go out so I can have me time and, also, the opportunity to shop for baby girl’s outdoor toys.  Sometimes it’s nice to shop by myself because I can look at stuff without worries.  It was very nice drive to Allen…beautiful sunny day and driving on Hwy 380 is always great.  But again, I did not get the chance to take a picture of the ‘red horse’ that I have been wanting to capture.  I do not want to be distracted while driving.  And stopping sometimes, I forget.

Whenever I leave the house, I pray to God so His angels will guide my way. I am so blessed that my driving is getting better and I have always kept my focus.

–  Looking in my mirrors every after 10 seconds has become a habit.

-Double checking the blind spot before changing lanes is very, very important.  My husband always reminds me.

-Following the speed limit is not against the rules and regulations.  Over speeding is a violation.  If someone behind me is impatient to get over, I let them pass.  Racing is a no no.

-Paying attention to the traffic signals and road signs is a must.

-I give way when possible.

I make sure my car has gas and in good condition before I go somewhere so I won’t have trouble on the road.  What do you know?  I never thought it was 7:00 P.M. when I finished shopping.  Good thing the sun’s still up until about 8.