Entertaining Travel Gadgets

It is nice to bring a reading and activity materials when traveling on a bus, on a plane, or in a car.  A novel, a couple of favorite magazines, and puzzle books (like Sudoku and crossword puzzles) can be very entertaining.  Unless you are not interested in this type of hobby, another way to kill time is…sleeping.  Hahaha!

Kidding aside, bringing bulky reading materials can be handful.  There are gadgets that you can get as travel companion.

iPad – a very handy, light gadget to carry anywhere.  Wi-fi available and no need for keyboard.

Nook – a smart way to carry for reading.  Loaded with the  favorite books, magazines, and activity, this gadget is good for book enthusiasts.  Free apps for Nook are available for download which adds to the package.

iPhone – who doesn’t have one nowadays?  Me!  Hahaha!  This e-gadget brings the Internet, wireless telecommunication, games, music and even movies convenient to users.  Photo sharing is easier too!

These gadgets truly give us lots of fun especially those who love surfing the web and, also, if we are traveling overseas.  We can get wi-fi Internet access in most areas in big cities of our destination.  I love the privilege of modern technology.

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  1. A lot of gadgets today, is very entertaining when we go for travel in order for us not to feel bored. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this information to us.

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