Shopping Tonight

I drove to the grocery store to buy some items for the week.  I need to cook food for my daughter and I bought some vegetables, fruits, and meat.  It took me a while to check out because I shopped around at the electronics and kids toys area.

I was looking at digital camera that the store has for clearance sale.  The brand is nice but when I checked on the battery, it requires two AA’s which is not ideal for traveling.  Though the camera’s price is very inexpensive, still I did not buy it for battery concerns.  I like taking pictures while traveling and a long-lasting battery is a must for my camera.

Then I passed the frozen snacks section and I grabbed a package of frozen chocolate ice cream.  Boy, I was so anxious to open the package and eat one chocolate ice cream bar.  But I waited when I got home because I wanted to enjoy eating while on the couch watching the Survivor One World.