Bridal Shower In Allen

It was simple Bridal Shower held on Saturday at the house of the bride-to-be’s stepmother in Allen.  My MIL and I thought the place is closer but it took us 40 minutes to get there. We were 15 minutes late because we left the house a bit later too.  Everybody was eating when we arrived.

Tiny Quiches

 I think the quiche tastes good.  At first I thought it’s part of the dessert items when I saw them.  They’re kinda bite size which is pretty much appropriate to the party.

Bread and toppings

 I forgot what’s it’s called.  I did not feel any interest to eat it because I don’t like the toppings and the bread is toasted.

Strawberries and grapes

 I love strawberries.  Grapes?  Not much.  It is always ideal to have fruits served in every parties like Bridal Shower.

The bride-to-be's table

 Here is the bride-to-be’s table displays the pastries of the party.  

Dessert time!

 Dessert is the most favorite part of the meal.  So here was my plate of sweets.

The motif of the Bridal Shower was blue.  So most of the decor has shades of blue in them and the party supplies are blue, too.  Almost all of her gifts are from the Wedding Registry that she and her fiance made at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.