Job Efficiency In A Restaurant

When we were on a trip to Tyler, my husband’s parents took us Shogun Restaurant.  It is not a big of a place but sure it has customers.  The staff cooks the food you ordered right in front of you.  That’s really cool because you got to see the ingredients, spices, and stuff.  The cooks also do tricks while cooking.

All the utensils the cooks need for cooking the food are available close to their reach.  The spice rack is full of different kinds of herbs and spices.  Their hands are quick.  As soon as they finished cooking the food, the order is directly placed in the customer’s plate.  Smoking hot!

Having small spice racks close by is very convenient to these cooks in a restaurant.  In addition to their fast moves in cooking, they already what spice to get because of the properly organized kitchen spice racks.  It also adds to their efficiency in the job.