Hotels Hold Company Events And Special Gatherings

It’s been six months since my youngest sister’s celebrated her 18th birthday with a small dinner party back home.  The month before her birthday was a very busy time for me because I did almost all of the birthday party planning.  But the event turned out to be successful and everyone had a wonderful time at the party and my sister was very happy.  She did not expect that she would be celebrating her 18th birthday in a hotel resort.

The hotel is located in the city of Ormoc and about 30 minutes away from our town.  It offers package rates for company events and special occasion like birthdays, weddings, and graduation ceremonies.  Their event package rates depends on how many guests are attending.   The minimum is 50 guests for about $300 including buffet food service and one round of drinks.  Room accommodation price is separate.

What I was having trouble at first was finding some birthday favors.  I checked for novelties online but mostly are expensive.  Two weeks before the party, I thought of giving the guests something they can use everyday.  So I consulted my sister if she’s okay with mugs as her birthday favors.  As soon as she saw the design in the mug, she approved it.  Gladly, I found some cute promotional mugs online that I have been able to personalize the design and they have managed to accommodate my order, delivered directly to our house.  What a good service.

It is so nice to find promotional items online for giveaways on birthdays and other special events.