Saving Money On Oil Change

My husband doing car maintenance

Saturdays are the most convenient days to do house and car maintenance.  I am very happy that my husband takes care of everything for me when it comes to pampering the car and stuff like that.

My car is due for an oil change this month.  We do not want to spend a lot of money going to the car service so he does it on his own.  Like his father, my husband keeps everything well-maintained.  I own the car for almost three years.  It is a Toyota Scion and runs very well.

Like everybody else who owns a car for the very first time, I treat it like a baby too.  It means a lot to me because it takes me to the places I want to go.  Traveling has been very easy for me now that I have a car.  And with a valid Driver’s License I can drive whenever, wherever.

So I am advising those who own a vehicle to change oil when needed.  It is very important to keep your vehicle in good condition to avoid problems.  Be gentle to your vehicle.  Take good care of it like the way you take care of yourself.