A Visit To Tyler Rose Garden

We went on a two-day trip to Tyler and spent the Easter weekend with my husband’s folks.

My baby’s first Easter Basket

Besides the kids’ Easter Egg Hunting at my parents-in-law’s place, the highlight of the trip was visiting the Tyler Rose Garden where we got married four years ago.  As part of our 4th Wedding Anniversary celebration, we went to the Garden.  It is one of the beautiful places I have seen so far.  It is so amazing how fast time has flown.  So many adjustments, happy events,  and crazy things happened during those years.  Now we have a little child running, screaming, crying, and giggling around the house.  Four years ago seem like yesterday. 🙂 And yes I am looking forward to many more wedding anniversaries to come in our lives.

Below are views of Tyler Rose Garden.

Directions - upon entering the Garden

 Meditation Garden



Your's truly enjoying the pleasant day at the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden in Tyler is a place where you can relax, meditate, reminisce, and experience serenity as well as enjoy the simple travels with the whole family.

There is no charge to get in the garden.  But if you want to visit the Museum, admission fee is required.  In addition, there is a fee for special events like weddings and exhibits.  Visit CityofTyler.org for more info.