Passport On Hand

My MD’s passport arrived in the mail today.  That means she can officially travel by air now.  It is so nice to know that the processing of her passport took less than three weeks only.  My husband and I were kind of excited to have it.  Next step is to inform our travel agent that we have our daughter’s travel document so the ticket will be issued as soon as booking are confirmed.

When planning to travel during high season, say for example June and December departures, we have had anticipated the urgency and tight booking on airlines and hotels.  As early as possible, like six months, we already book our air tickets so we will know when to adjust just in case the tentative dates aren’t available or the possibility of non-confirmation arises.

We booked tickets last month and two-segments are still in waitlisted status up to now.  Our travel agent said she will let us know immediately if they get confirmed.  Now that we have our MD’s passport on hand, we’re getting anxious.  The money for the tickets is ready.

It would be a different travel experience for me and my husband because we have baby with us.  But we know everything will be all right.