A Nice Bath For My Car

We are going to Tyler for Easter this weekend.  And as per husband’s order, I took the car to the car wash service this morning.  So, I went to Hacienda Car Wash again in Rockwall to give my darling vehicle a nice bath.  So far, their service is good and quick.  The minimum charge is $21.95 – wash, vacuum, wax, fragrance…but I picked the next amount which is $24.95 because it includes tire polishing.  I always get New Car scent for my car.  The deluxe car wash is a little higher.

The reason why my husband wants the car cleaned before we go to Tyler because he does not want to wash the car at his parents house.  His dad will make him do so.  He wants to be able to relax and enjoy the weekend rather than scrubbing the car on a Saturday at his parents’.  My father-in-law is very particular with car maintenance.

I like my car clean too.  It runs really nice on the road.  You can tell the difference between driving a dirty and clean car.  Taking good care of our vehicles is very important to prevent damage.  A well-maintained car is far from immediate wear and tear.  It is our means of transportation and traveling companion on the road so treat our cars it as part of our family.

Do you take your car to a Car Wash or do you do it yourself at home?

Tenerife holidays and your all inclusive options

The Canary Islands are one of the most visited regions of the world among British holidaymakers and with so many superb beaches and top class resorts it is not difficult to understand why. Additionally, the weather is reliably hot and sunny, even in the winter months when most other parts of the EU are at least a little chilly.

Among the Spanish islands that sit just off the coast of West Africa, Tenerife is the largest and has the most inhabitants. Its resorts are as every bit as good as any you’ll find in other parts of the Canaries or around the Mediterranean and for many families it is the best place to enjoy a holiday  together.

There are plenty of great value offers on trips to the sun-soaked Canary Islands available throughout the year but when it comes to Tenerife holidays all inclusive deals are perhaps the most enticing. All inclusive deals after all give visitors every chance to enjoy their holiday to the very fullest extent without the worry of over-stretching financially. So you can relax by the pool or a beautiful beach safe in the knowledge that there wont be any nasty surprises the next time you check your bank balance.

Like Tenerife, Gran Canaria is a hugely popular holiday destination boasting all the sunshine, water sports, range of restaurants and night-life that hard-to-please tourists have come to expect. In fact, for Gran Canaria family holidays are something of specialist area with so much for children of all ages and for adults to enjoy each and every time they visit. All within just a few hours flight time of a string of regional UK airports, both Tenerife and Gran Canaria are well worth considering as the destination for your next family getaway.

This is a guest post.

Dolphins At SeaWorld

My cousin and her family is planning to go to San Antonio some time this month.  They are thinking to visit SeaWorld.  I told her that me and my husband were there in the summer two years ago.

There are many thrill and water rides to enjoy.  Because they are expecting another baby right now, my cousin will not be able to try the rides.  Her husband is considering SeaWorld as their Spring getaway destination.  But my cousin said he’s hearing bad feedback about it.  In my opinion, as a seasonal theme park, there are thousands of people visiting the place from all over.  My husband and I were there on a summertime.  Based on our experience, the waiting time to get on a ride was between 30-40 minutes.  That was on major rides like the The Journey to Atlantis and Steel Eel.

Dolphin watching at SeaWorld San Antonio

But there are attractions at SeaWorld that can be visited or seen by schedule.  Like dolphin feeding for example, we just got in area and watched the dolphins.  It was nice because they do tricks too.  Then at the Shamu Show, we walked a long way but watching the Orca whales did their presentation was worth it the time.  There are kiddie rides too, but I do not think my cousin’s husband will allow their one year old daughter to get on those rides.