Paying Our Tickets With Tax Refund

Besides the fact that it is Spring  season, it is also the season of filing income taxes here in the US.  The deadline is usually April 15.  This year, 2012, the deadline is extended until April 17 to accommodate holidays or severe weather conditions.

We submitted our tax report and fortunately we have tax  refund for the year 2011.  With the use of an online tax filing software, we already knew the amount of the refund we’ll be receiving.  Like I said before, the money from our tax refund is going to be used to purchase air tickets for our vacation this year.

Tax money from refund can do lots if we use it wisely.

1.  Travel and vacation

2.  Tuition fees payment

3.  Home repairs

4.  Home upgrade

5.  Shopping items from personal wishlist

6.  Gadget upgrade

7.  Baby stuff

…and just about anything important that we already thought of allocating.

In my situation, the money is intended for the tickets before the tax filing.  My husband assumed that we will get a refund.  And yes we did!  We are very happy because the flights are booked in Korean Air.  What we have to save for now is the expense money.

How about you?  If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, better do it before the deadline comes.

Vacation In Iceland?

Tourism is one of the best industry in the world where we can see different places and cultures.  In addition, we can also learn about the history of the country and its people.  There are many beautiful and interesting places in the world.  Some are unexplored and unnoticed.  But those destinations that are visited frequently by tourists get more and more famous.

Most of the travelers, vacationists, adventurers, and tourists visit places in Asia, South America, and Western part of Europe.  I was just wondering if they have been to the cold places on Earth like in Iceland?  Curiosity always strikes me you know.

I like adventure too.  For some reason I got interested to learn about vacationing in Iceland.  Well, let’s say from a humid and warm country like the Philippines, I also want to know what it would be like if I get an opportunity to visit Iceland.  The country is, of course, has ice glaciers.  But one of the adventure here is the tours in Iceland highlands.  There are licensed travel agencies that offer affordable self-drive vacation and luxury tours.  Like any tourist destinations in the world, I think Iceland has also lots of things to show that travelers will enjoy experiencing.

One more thing, I learned that there are Filipino settlers in Iceland.