They Had Fun Boating

Boating. Photo courtesy of my friend KL.

Another activity to enjoy in the Spring and Summer is boating.  Here, my friend KL’s husband took the kids to a boat ride after the egg hunt.  Man, they had so much fun!

We are happy that the water level is getting high now.  Though the Stage No. 3 Restriction for water conservation is still in effect in North Dallas, the residents are enjoying the lake waters.  But we still need more rain to sustain the lakes to return the water to it’s normal levels.

According to trivia, there is only one natural lake in Texas – Caddo Lake located 0n the border of Texas and Louisiana.  Hundreds of Texas’ beautiful lakes are man-made, publicly accessible and privately owned.  Swimming, boating, fishing, and jet-skiing are fun activities that residents and out-of-state visitors can do here.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time at the party by the lake in East Fork Park today.  When she gets older, we will let her join the other kids in the boat.