Passport Application

We went to the Passport Application Office in Plano to apply one for my daughter.  The plan for a vacation this year is on-going and first thing’s first – to book the air tickets early.  We already did that.  Though my child does not have a passport yet when we did the ticket reservations, the information was taken from the birth certificate.  I am glad that we do not have to go to a photo studio to have her passport photos taken.  The office has an area where they can take pictures.  I think that’s neat.

Passport is one of the important documents a person should acquire when traveling.  All the information in the passport should be legitimate and accurate to avoid problems at the airport or anywhere.  This also serves as an identification.  If you are visiting another country and foreign to that place, a passport is legit document to show for identification.

I don’t know about other countries’ policy but Philippine passports expire in five years.  And when it’s six month’s close to the expiration date, we have to apply for renewal.  Because of many anomalies on the passport application and the document itself, there are security checks on the passports now in prevention of counterfeits.

We cannot wait to receive my daughter’s passport.  And then, if the waitlisted segments in the booking get confirmed, we’ll have the tickets issued.  Yay!