Japanese Garden In Forth Worth Botanical Gardens

It is Spring season!  There are wonderful things and activities that we can do this time of year.

1.  go Camping

2.  visit parks and wildlife

3.  visit the Botanical Gardens

4.   Easter Egg Hunting

5.  fishing

6.  vacationing

These are only few of the interesting outdoor activities you can do with your family and friends.  Spring is the season of blooms and sprouts.  New life and new beginning.  What I have in mind is to go to the Botanical Gardens soon before the flowers are gone.

When we were in Fort Worth, we visited The Botanical Gardens.  My favorite area is the Japanese Garden.

Pagoda in the Suzuki Garden

It was one of the precious moments in my life.  I love the Gardens.  When I am there I feel like being close to Mother Nature.

Ready to feed the fish in the pond

The serenity of the Botanic Gardens is like at the beach.  You can see green everywhere.  Relaxing and calm.  You will forget your troubles, worries, and problems for a while.  I like it.

The Mikoshi in the Japanese Garden

This is an authentic Mikoshi (a sacred palanquin) donated by Forth Worth’s sister city Nagaoka, Japan symbolizes friendship between the two cities.  It is nice to see history, culture, and nature preserved in a beautiful place like the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.