I Like Designer Handbags Too

I am eying on a very cute purse right now.  I couldn’t find it in store so I tried my luck looking for it online.  It has been a while since I bought a handbag.  My husband keeps saying I don’t need it.  Well, I am a woman.  There are men who don’t understand how much we love purses.  I adore things that a woman can wear and carry.  And that includes purses.

This is  an Italian designer handbag that I am talking about.  Though it’s not the VERY popular brand but the inspiration is similar to that.  The purse is a brown dome design made with genuine Italian leather.  It is cheaper than the other designer handbags in the department stores.  And I am very excited to buy it.

My old handbags (had them for years) will have to be given to my mother and sisters except those that are gifts to me.  Hopefully my earnings from blogging this month reaches the amount for the purse.  I will be having a new handbag that I can carry wherever I go.  Once I got it, I won’t be buying purses for a while even if there’s huge sale online and in store.  Yea, right.