Road Travel Is Always Great When Driving A Well-Conditioned Vehicle

If you want your vehicle to live longer and stay running in your possession, you have to take care of it like you take care of yourself.  Cars, trucks, motorcycle…whatever means of transportation you use for work or travel, a good maintenance is needed to keep it in excellent condition.

1.  Car Wash

Like any other things you own, your vehicle needs to be cleaned too.  Dust, mud, bugs, and other dirt should be removed.  If you do not wash your car on weekends, take it to a Car Wash service.  Usually you will pay $24 at the minimum for the service that includes interior vacuuming, polish, and fragrance.  I always get the New Car scent for mine.  When driving, you can tell the difference between recently cleaned against previously dirty.

2.  Tires

Whenever we’re on the road, sometimes we cannot avoid to run over a sharp nail or debris that cause tire inflation problems.  If you do have a flat tire, replace it immediately.

3.  Change Oil

If your car warning signals and you see the Maintenance Required or similar, that means it is time to change oil.  It does that if your car reached the allocated mileage in between change oils.

4.  Gas

Every vehicle requires different types of gasoline.  The performance of your car depends on the gas you put in it.  If you have a preference and you think it works better on your car, then stick to it.  My car runs better when I put Shell gasoline in it.

These tips are based on my own experience that I consider major points.  I know there are more vehicle maintenance tips available out there.  Taking good care of our vehicle is very important to avoid problems and, also, keep us from spending lots of money on repairs.  Road travel is always great when we are driving a well-conditioned vehicle.

Gas And Time Saved

The weather outside is a little gloomy today and I do not have the mood to drive.  I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  My daughter is not feeling good.  She has runny nose.  There is high pollen rates in the air that is why there are people everywhere have allergies that includes my baby girl.   thought this appointment has been cancelled since I saw my doctor few days ago.

Oh hey, my doctor’s assistant just called letting me know that I do not have to come in.  Great!  I saved gas and time.  Now I have to unpack baby’s travel bag and we can take a good nap.