Resorts And Get-Togethers

The week before my flight to the USA, I visited some relatives and spent time with my cousins in Manila and in the provinces nearby.

1.  Aunt in Caloocan

I had a great time with my aunt and her family in Caloocan.  She was one of the three siblings my father haven’t seen for more than 25 years until 2002.  I remember visiting with them during a fiesta in their place.  My cousins and I rode a roller coaster and played games like Bingo at the “peryahan”. Peryahan or perya is the Tagalog slang for a mini-Fair held in a barrio, barangay, or town during a fiesta.

2.  Aunt in Cavite

My mother’s younger sister lives in Cavite with her family.  I don’t see them more often.  My cousins love videoke.  So everytime we’re together, singing is one of the fun activities we do.  And there’s Island Cove Resort in Cavite.  I have been there once (with my co-employees for a Summer outing).  My favorite area in the resort is the Fishing Village.

Photo from a Google user

3.  Aunt in Pangasinan

She is my father’s youngest sister.  She and her family moved to Pangasinan for business.  My aunt and her family loves going to the beach.  When I was there visiting, we went to The Waverunner Beach Resort in San Fabian.  The beach is nice and the cottages are neat.  There’s a videoke machine in the big cottage too.  We had a wonderful swimming, singing, and eating.

The room rates and cottage rentals for hotel accommodation is very affordable.  These resorts are guest friendly and a nice place for family vacation.

4.  Uncle in Quezon City

After the wonderful bonding time with my aunts and their families, I stayed at my uncle’s house in Quezon City until the day of my departure.  He is my mother’s youngest brother and I stayed under his roof most of my employment period in Manila.  I took my cousins to the mall and watched a movie.  We had fun playing at the Arcade.

These are the moments I will always treasure.  And though I am away, they are always in my thoughts.