Ready To Fly

When my K-1 Visa arrived in the mail, I immediately set an appointment with my friend for the CFO (Commission on Filipino Overseas) Orientation Seminar.  Before departure, the government requires all Filipinos who leaves the country for the first time take the orientation seminar.

Types of Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar


Fiance/Spouse (I was in this type)

Exchange Visitor Program

The seminar lasted for like an hour.  Besides married women, I also met other Filipina who were engaged to be married to foreigners.  It was really is a big decision to leave the Philippines to marry a citizen from another country.  But I thought about it so many times and my fiance and I agreed to spend our lives together in marriage.  After I got my certificate stating I completed the required seminar, I thought, I am getting closer to being with the man I love.  Sad feelings came to me, too, because I will be leaving my country and my family.  But it was time for me to have my own family.

My friend and I bought our tickets bound for Texas from a travel agency in Manila.  Before the ticket was issued, the agent asked for our passports and the visa stamped.  We bought a one-way ticket because we have a non-immigrant visa type for K-1 (Fiance Visa).  We’re ready to fly.