Captivating Artistry

Whenever I go on a trip or even a visit at my friend’s house,  I’m captivated with paintings and pictures.  The details and the meaning of each masterpiece and how it is connected to reality seems so interesting to me to find out.  I fully admire people who have skills in drawing or painting and so gifted in the field of arts.

Art is something that my honey and I have in common.  We are not good at it but we appreciate and love collecting artistic things.  We used to researching every time we saw an interesting one.  And lately I get bumped online about shepard fairey art.  The pictures and prints seem so intriguing to me, full of meaning and graphically impressive.

Just wondering how he come up with the ideas in every prints he make?  It honestly puzzled me, but anyway I selected few prints from Shepard Fairy and I will definitely show it to my honey.

Cancelled Trip

The out-of-town trip is cancelled.  We were about to go to Tyler for my MIL’s birthday weekend.  But my hubby said we were just there two weeks ago.  He thought his parents need some space for a while.

Anyway, Spring season is in three weeks.  I think officially starts on March 20.  So I am expecting to see blooms and the leaves will sprout soon.  What I love about Spring is the Texas Bluebonnets.  You can see them almost everywhere in the State.  I also like traveling in this season too.  Our wedding anniversary is in April and our plan is to see the Rose Garden in Tyler again.

New Residential Area

I did not know that the area under construction by Plano Parkway is a new residential place.  I only noticed it the other day when my daughter and I went to the mall in Plano to shop for a birthday gift for my MIL.

The brick walls are completed and the name of the neighborhood or housing area is already done.  It seems to me that the homes there is kind of costly because the area is few minutes a way from the shopping and business establishments.  I cannot wait to see the new homes there.  Well, I am nosy you know.  I want to see the neighborhood and the homes’ residential address plaques.  At all times, we get new ideas from just looking around.

Some homeowners want to get custom address plaques for their houses.  They want it to be unique and one of a kind.  It is always nice to have personalized address plaques outside.  I wonder how much the homes would cost there.