Instead Of Going Out On Valentine’s

V Day balloon

As what I have planned for the Valentine’s Day, we did not go to a restaurant for a dinner date.  Instead I made a simple dish Ground Beef Stew with potatoes and carrots, steamed asparagus with cheese dip, baked country style ribs, and rice.  My husband ordered Mixed Vegetables with Shrimp to-go from Ming Moon Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant in town.  I bought a chocolate fudge cake for dessert from Walmart.  My cousin and her family came over and she brought cupcakes and Spring Rolls.  So our Valentine’s Day dinner was solved without the stress of waiting for a seat in the restaurant and pressure from driving.

Heart cookies and cupcake

Our neighbors’ daughter knocked on the our door and gave us these lovely cookies and a cute little cupcake.  She said she and brother designed them.  I think that’s sweet.

6 thoughts on “Instead Of Going Out On Valentine’s

  1. yummylicious!! love the shrimp (i know there’s no pic but i can read fine prints when it’s SHRIMP).and love the heart – shaped cookies and cupcake. looks like you are in the US with a mention of Walmart!

    1. hi mheanne, no pictures taken because we were all hungry and everything’s gone 🙂 I love seafood esp. shrimp too.

  2. Awww…I love a cozy V-Day celebration. 🙂 Now I’m craving asparagus with cheese dips too. You have the sweetest neighbors too. 🙂

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