Be Entertained While On A Travel

Whenever I am on a travel and waiting in the airport for the next flight, I always want to be entertained.  Besides looking around and enjoying the scenery, I also enjoy shopping.  There are lots of nice stores in the airport.  What I love buying is some souvenirs and women accessories.  And If I get tired of walking around, I will go to the passenger lounge and play games in my netbook.

See, I do not have an iPad or an iPhone.  They are too expensive for me.  So I download games that interests me in my netbook and still satisfied with playing them.  Two of the interesting games I play are the classic Scrabble and super fun Text Twist.  I enjoyed playing them since college.  They are always challenging to me.

It is important to be entertained while traveling especially if you are at the airport on a long lay-over waiting for your next flight.