The More Money You Save, The Better The Travel

Saving money for travel needs a lot of dedication.  My husband and I are now into getting ready for our trip-hopefully some time this year-by putting extra money into travel savings.  We are budgeting for the three of us:  husband, baby, and me.

Two years ago, we booked our flights three months before the date of departure.  We got the lowest airfare from Korean Air.  We like flying Korean Air because it departs on time, the crew is friendly, the food is fine, and it lands sweetly.  I think it is a cool airline.  In addition, the lay-over in Korea Incheon Airport is only about four hours.  Korean Air has a direct flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Seoul then few hours of waiting in the airport and the next flight is to Manila.

It surely is wonderful to go for a vacation.  The more money you save, the better travel you will have.