Funny Experience At The Sulo Hotel

It was the happy moment of my full blast lovelife.  My fiance (now husband) came to visit me for the first time in 2008.  We stayed at the Sulo Hotel in Quezon City because the hotel was closer to my uncle’s house where I lived.  He flew via Korean Air (KE).  When I fetched him at the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 2 by the Letter S area, we took the airport taxi straight to Quezon City.  At that time, we paid 750.00 Pesos and gave the driver 500 Pesos tip.

I did all the itinerary planning for his/our entire trip and getaway.  The hotel rate was affordable and transacting with them (reservations and payment) did not cost me any hassle at all.  The customer service was pleasant and we enjoyed staying there.  There was a bar in the hotel where somebody performs-singing and playing musical instruments.  It was funny because I thought the name of the singer was Diwata.  I kept on saying her name as Diwata.  I noticed that my then fiance is chuckling.  So I asked the waiter what’s the singer’s name.  The waiter said, “Barbie”.    I was like, what???  When it was time for us to go back to the room, I read the sign outside the bar and it says “Diwata Cocktail Lounge”.

Anyway, I can say that Sulo Hotel in Quezon City is highly recommended hotel for those who wants to get an accommodation in Quezon City area.

The Main Purpose Of Vacation

When you are on vacation, you always feel refreshed and relaxed.  This is the main purpose of vacation.  It is an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.  This is the much awaited time that we allotted ourselves for to be able to unwind and enjoy.

While on a getaway, one thing that mesmerizes me is the serenity of the place and the affordability of the accommodation.  I love looking around.  I enjoy the scenery, even the hotel or resort indoors.  It is very admirable to see how beautifully designed and decorated these places are.  From indoor decorations to outdoor lighting fixtures, they give additional attraction to the place.  I like the lighting style in hotels and resorts because it is not too bright in the eyes.  It is not too dim either.

outdoor lighting

I remember when my hubby and I spent our vacation in my favorite resort.  As I get in the hotel room, the lighting seems inviting…inviting me to lay down on the bed and relax a little while.  And as I walked outside heading to the beach at night, light posts ensure the safety of my short journey.  So peaceful and so relaxing.

And that gave me the idea of putting an outdoor lighting fixture in our back porch.