What Is Your Greatest Travel Fear?

What is your greatest travel fear?  I know it is kind of freaky question.  But everyone of us has his own fear by any means.

I have fear of traveling in the ocean.  Though I love water, I still have this reservation to go on a cruise.  Despite of this, I am wishing that one day my hubby and I will fulfill our plan to have 7-day cruise.  I guess many of you have heard about the Italian cruise ship that sank recently (click here)?  The Costa Concordia.  Ain’t that horrible?  A tragedy like that is traumatic! The panic outrage will freak you out.

In all situations, passengers and crews should be knowledgeable with the security and safety procedures on board.  For information on sea travel safety tips, please go to http://www.consumerreports.org/health/healthy-living/health-safety/travel-health/sea-travel/index.htm.

Starting A Business Takes A Lot Of Effort

My friend and former co-employee in a travel agency is planning to establish her own travel company very soon.  For more than 15 years of working, I believe she has plenty of resources and knowledge in the travel industry.  She is going to focus on Asian tours.  Now that the Internet is giving us a big advantage on shopping for travel and tours online, making reservations thru a travel website is also convenient.

I told her to talk to a web site specialist to help her create a travel website.  She can also gather information from references on how to get guaranteed seo services for the travel website.  It takes a lot of effort but the reward is unremarkable if everything is successful.  My friend asked if I would be interested to work for her.  I am interested.  But my hubby and I agreed that I will be a full time wife and mother, for now.