Made It Home Without The GPS

I went to see my doctor today.  I did not bring my daughter because the weather forecast said there’s 80% chances of rain Tuesday and Wednesday.  It would be inconvenient to take her with me to the doctor’s office while it’s raining.

You see, I am confident driving in heavy rains.  I have done that before but if there is someone who can take care of my baby while I am on the road, I will be worry-free.  Hubby came home from work to take care of baby while I was gone.

I took US380 to McKinney.  Thirty minutes is a long drive to me.  The purpose of meeting my OB-Gyn is to consult about family planning.  Hubby and I agreed to only have one child.  My doctor explained many things but she asked me three times.  Do I really want to do it?  I answered yes.

Going home, I took a different route.  Instead of going back to US380, I took the back roads going to Wylie.  Without the cheap GPS I bought from a friend, I tried using my memory for familiar signs and turns.  And I did it despite of a bad weather!