Working Overseas For The Sake Of Family

It has been five years since our last get-together in 2007 when I saw few of  my former high school classmates.  One of them was close to me and she always keep me updated about her life abroad.  It was funny because she just suddenly told me that she was expecting a baby boy.  And the daddy was also our classmate who was the person I would thought she will marry.  Hahaha!  Their son turned one last month.

Now my friend is working in the UK with her aunt.  Working overseas for the sake of the family back home in the Philippines is not easy because of the hardship of adjusting to the new environment and people, and homesickness.  She is sharing residency with her aunt in London.  She sends me photos of her and the place where they live.  My friend seems happy though I know she misses her family.

Part of her share in the house are groceries and other necessities.  Her aunt pays the rent and the home contents insurance.  Her aunt is living in London for so many years and she did not have any problem in their neighborhood.

I asked my friend if ever I visit London someday, would it be possible to stay at their apartment.  Of course, that’s only a joke.  Who knows when will I be able to visit and tour the UK.

Saving Money For Travel

Hubby said he really wants to go for a vacation this year.  I am too!  And we are planning to go in November.  We are strictly putting ourselves to focus on saving for travel now – no unnecessary purchases.

Vacation is one of the pleasurable things in a person’s life.  We want it to be extra big because, this time, we are three.  Price increase on everything is ridiculous and we need to save money seriously to accommodate the extra expenses.  It will be tight in the next few months but I believe we can do it!