Summer Getaway With The Love Of My Life

I cannot wait for our next vacation to the Philippines again.  Hubby said it will be any time soon.  Weee!  I hope we will get the chance to go to my favorite beach resort, Coco Beach Island Resort in Oriental Mindoro.  I fell in love with the resort the first time I set foot on the island.  And it was also the first time meeting the love of my life five years ago.  That was our wonderful summer getaway.

Coco Beach Island Resort is a serene place.  We stayed in a Heritage room because that is the only type of room with air conditioner.  Standard and Deluxe rooms are cheaper.  Suite and Hilltop rooms have the same rates like the Heritage’s.  It was kind of pricey before because they charged the room rate per person.  But as per the resort’s May 2012-April 2013 Published Rates, they are charging per room per night inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, service charge and tax.  I think their new rates are reasonable and I like it!  I feel like making a reservation now.  🙂

Hubby and I enjoyed hanging out, beach hopping, snorkeling, and shopping and of course, the romantic times were precious.  Coco Beach  Resort also offers fun dives and unlimited diving.  i highly recommend this beach resort as vacation destination in the Philippines.

And oh, I love the Silent Pool.  Sshhh… 🙂

7 thoughts on “Summer Getaway With The Love Of My Life

    1. Hi Gemma, you will definitely enjoy the place. My vacation photos are in my hubby’s desktop (which crashed few months ago). Wala akong copies of everything in the hard drive. And I couldn’t find my SD card for that. 🙁 Sayang nga eh. I hope mapadali ang pag-repair nitong desktop computer ni hubby.

  1. It is nice that they changed the charge rate from per person to per room .It saves money.It is probably because of the competition reason.there are lots of better resort to choose from and if their price is not reasoanble they will lose customers.

    1. Hi Tatess, oh yes. though it is still a little high, at least it is already per night charge.

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