San Antonio SeaWorld Rides

It would be nice if we will have a vacation  San Antonio again this year.  I would love to visit SeaWorld, and this time with our little angel.  To me, the best time to go is in the summer because you get to enjoy the rides and stuff.  When we were there two years ago I had fun riding the Journey to Atlantis, Steel Eel, The Great White, and the Orca kiddie roller coaster.  We did not get the chance to enjoy the water in Rio Loco because the place was hugely packed with people!

I had my adrenalin soared high when we road the Steel Eel.  I told myself, that would be the first and last time we’ll ride it.  Hubby and I were shaking after the furious ride!  But that was the fun part. 🙂

Hotel Outdoor Comfort

When it was a few days close to my sister’s birthday party, we were still looking for a printing shop who can design a big banner for the event.  It was like we were in an instant panic. I was relieved when I found out that a shop can print a tarp banner from a custom design.  Well, I spent one night designing my sister’s birthday party banner.

Almost everyone who were invited attended the party.  After dinner, they had a night swimming at the pool.  The resort hotel provides outdoor tables with sunbrella canvas tarps and canopy tops by the pool.  But, my sister said that there were not able to walk around much because there are parts of the hotel that are under construction and are covered by drop cloth.  It was nice to know that the hotel in our are is improving for tourism.