Winter Driving Tips-Part 4

I have a friend who lives in Indiana.  Driving gets really bad there when it is snowing and freezing.  People up North have techniques/strategies on how to drive on icy roads especially driving on wintery conditions.  Living in Indiana for almost four years now, my friend has already adapted to the weather conditions and driving techniques there.  Here is the last part (Part 4) of the tips on preparing yourself and your car for the cold facts of winter travel.

If you start to skid:

– Try not to panic.

– Do not brake.

– Do not accelerate.

– Steer in the direction you want your vehicle to go.

– Shift automatic transmissions into neutral; disengage gear on manual transmission.

  • If you get stuck in the snow:

– Try not to panic.

– If you can’t shovel your car out of the snow, remain in the car.

– In blizzard conditions, do not leave the car unless you can see help within 100 yards of teh vehicle.

– Bundle up in a blanket; share to keep  warmer.

– Wear a hat and scarf to keep your body heat loss to a minimum.

– Don’t allow the entire group to fall asleep at once; take turns sleeping.

– Don’t remain in one position too long; move around to keep your circulation going.

– Always have one person assigned to watch for traffic or rescue vehicles.

– Avoid over-exertion and extreme perspiration as having wet clothes against your skin creates poor insulation.

If you are a careful driver you know that the best road defense is anticipating crises and avoiding them as often as possible.  Keep these winter driving tips in mind to save your vehicle from damage and may be even the lives of you and your family.

Germania Today, Winter 2011