Prepare Yourself And Your Car For The Cold Facts Of Winter Travel – Part 2

How do you prepare for winter road travel?  Here is the continuation of the tips on preparing for the cold facts of winter travel.

Prepare for the Drive

Before leaving your home…

  • Plan and map your route.
  • Check road reports and weather conditions for your entire travel route.  If you will be driving for  several days, check conditions every morning before you head out.
  • Plan for delays; give yourself plenty of time to arrive on schedule.
  • Avoid driving when tired – and NEVER drive after drinking.
  • Share your route and anticipated schedule with friends and family.
  • Wear layers of comfortable clothes; stop in a safe spot and add or remove layers.

GPS or Global Positioning System is very useful now.  If you are comfortable using the device, go ahead.  But always carry a map with you.  It, still, is very helpful.

To be continued…

Germania Today, Winter 2011