Christmas Shopping Week

Oh man!  This week is very busy for us.  My husband is busy doing a project at work.  He does not have a day off until December 24th.  I am also occupied with shopping for gifts.  It is difficult to find gifts especially the people you shopped for have almost everything.  But they love to eat.  So giving them restaurant gift cards are great.

I have an aunt who wants to go to a fitness center because she wants to lose weight doing some exercise.  Everybody loves exercise so the plan is to give her a fitness workout kit for Christmas.  I remember when we used to walk every morning when I was pregnant.  Her son does an Extreme Body Workout and and I do not she can do that.  That’s too tough for her.  I guess he wants to gain a Beach Body to impress the girls.  He’s got some weights from 90 Day Review workout system.  Doing a routine exercise is healthy.  And I admire my cousin because they work hard to stay fit and healthy.

Now I have to add a little more to the shopping list.  A couple of work out towels for my cousin.  Shopping continues until next weekend.

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance